What is a metaverse?

October 30, 2022
Posted in Metaverse
October 30, 2022 Bliss 3D

A metaverse is a shared, virtual reality that allows people from all over the world to interact and communicate with each other. It’s like Second Life, but bigger and better.

Metaverses are also known as spatial.io or open-source 3D platforms. They have been trending recently as more and more people start using them, especially since they are free to use! These platforms allow users to create their own avatar and explore the virtual world in which they live. They can also interact with other avatars and set up their own home within the metaverse.

Users can even create their own games within these virtual worlds! This means that you can play games like Minecraft within a metaverse instead of on your computer screen or phone screen alone. If you’ve ever played Minecraft before then you know that it can be pretty buggy at times – but now there’s no need for that because these new virtual worlds have been built specifically for gaming purposes so everything runs smoothly without any glitches whatsoever!

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